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Prelude to Cheddar’s Journal

At my studio, there's something special that sets it apart - it's a haven for dog lovers seeking some furry therapy! If you're in need of a dose of doggy happiness, you're in for a treat at my studio.

Allow me to introduce you to Cheddar, my beloved four-legged companion who plays a significant role in my life. Cheddar is not just a pet; he's my therapy dog, and I like to think that I'm his therapy human too. The bond we share is truly heartwarming.

When Cheddar realizes he gets to join me at work, his excitement is palpable. His tail wags incessantly, and his eyes light up with joy.

However, there are times when he gives me those pouty eyes, expressing his disappointment when he realizes he won't be able to accompany me on certain adventures, especially to non-pet-friendly places. It's amusing to see his perception of our outings - he thinks we're embarking on extravagant and exciting journeys, while in reality, it may just be a trip to the grocery store. But oh, the sensory experience he imagines!

I wanted to share a recent photo of Cheddar during one of our walks. As you can see, he's fully immersed in his own sensory journey, exploring the world with his heightened senses and boundless curiosity.

Oh, the adventures of Cheddar and his unique taste buds! It seems our furry friend has developed a fondness for a rather unconventional delicacy - dried up worms. You know, those worms that emerge after rainfall to quench their thirst. For Sir Cheddar, these crusty critters are a true treat!

I can imagine the challenge it poses when Cheddar discovers one of these dried-up worms during his explorations. It sounds like you've had to employ some creative tactics, even resorting to opening his mouth to retrieve the unexpected snack. Dogs can be quite stubborn when it comes to their newfound treasures!

Interestingly, despite having the worm delicacy taken away, Cheddar expresses his disappointment in his own unique way - by crying. Our furry friends have their own language of emotions, and it's fascinating to witness their reactions.

It's moments like these that remind us of the unique quirks and surprises that come with having a loyal and adventurous companion like Cheddar. He certainly keeps life interesting!

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