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Hi! Welcome to my blog!

In my blog I will be sharing my holidays, hair product education, and probably a lot of randomness. As someone with adhd, I will literally be all over the map on this blog, so enjoy the ride!

A little bit about myself.. I am originally from Red Deer! Or as others call it Dead Rear, Dead Deer.. amongst other names. Its a cute little city right smack dab between Edmonton, and Calgary. Its a beautiful city filled with bike trails, multiple parks throughout the city, and an added bonus that is very close to Sylvan Lake.

I started to start my hair journey in Grade 10 in Cosmetology class. A vast majority of us actually continued into client services in grade 12. Then continuing our education into the hair world. We had an amazing Cosmetology teacher named Ms. Sheila. We loved her so much and she was such an amazing teacher that we would often all take out lunches to hang out in the cosmetology classroom during our lunch break.

After I graduated I decided I wanted to go to the big city of Calgary! So I packed up my things, and my dad helped me move to the city. Actually funny story but also terrifying at the same time.. my dad and I drove up one windy afternoon with my mattress. Only to have it blow right off the back end of the truck. Luckily for us there was no one else around and thus the only damage was to the little squished corner of my box spring. Phew! Lesson learned!

I settled into my one bedroom condo just off of 17th ave and continued my hair journey. Starting out with schooling at Delmar College of Hair design. Then continuing my education with Voila, Goldwell, Schwarzkopf, Aveda, Vidal Sassoon and La Biosthetique.

I've been a semi finalist in Contessa, and Trend Vision. Along with getting to do hair for New York Fashion Week!

Over the past year, I've also started to dip my toes into the film industry! I had the pleasure of being on the fx hair team for The Last of Us. It was so much fun! And good hard work! I've also done hair for Billy the kid, Under the Banner of Heaven, and some films that cannot be named yet as they are not done production.

Thank you for reading my blog! If there is anything you would like me to touch base on in any of my blog posts, such as hair questions. You can email me I will get to answering your questions as possible. Note that while I am highly educated. I also don't know everything. I am also learning and continuously growing. But I will do my best.


Chakra Hair Studio Inc

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