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Team Chakra Hair


Erica has been a hairstylist for 20+ years. She specializes in curly hair (all hair lengths/thickness), short hair, extensions and color. In her career she has also been involved in New York fashion week, and was a semi finalist in both Contessa, and Trend Vision. Her latest venture has brought her into the film industry, having the pleasure of working on shows such as The Last of Us, Under the Banner of Heaven, & much more. 


When she isn't working in her studio, she loves snowboarding, cycling, swimming and hanging out with her dog & partner.  

The name Chakra comes from when all of your Chakras are working and you feel whole. It's the feeling we want when you leave our studio.

We are a gender neutral salon and welcome all into our space. 


Regrettably, following recent complaints about barking and other unspecified incidents, our beloved therapy dog Cheddar has been asking to stay home until further notice. 


We apologize to those who found comfort and stress relief in Cheddar's presence. He's been a fixture here for the past 1 1/2 years, so it'll be an adjustment for everyone. 

However, if you have your own therapy dog, feel free to bring them in, just make sure they use their inside voices. 

I will still be giving you updates and posting photos of Cheddar on my instagram page! @chakrahair.erica

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